1. What are your accepted payment terms?

We accept Visa and Mastercard, check, or cash. Our credit customers are on a 1/3 balance due upon receipt of P.O., 1/3 balance due upon job completion, remaining balance due Net 30; or a total Net 30 payment. Payment options depend on total quote of job or customer payment history.

2. What can speed up our downtime?

a. Following payment procedures accordingly
b. Shipping your machine to our facility; saves daily travel time which means more hours on your project.

3. What are your facilities capabilities?

2-ton overhead crane
18,000# Clark Fork lift
5,000# Clark Fork lift
Mattison 166” Way Grinder
Harig Surface Grinder
Atrump 1767LS Precision Gear Head Engin6e Lathe
Bridgeport Knee Mill
Cincinnati Planer Mill
Atrump B8 Maxi Mill
Atrump KL1640 Flat Bed Lathe
Heat Treating
Hamar Triple Scan Machine Tool Laser
Way Scraping Tools: Way Scrapers, Straight Edges, Power Flakers
Master Mill – Portable On-Site Machining Capability
Hydraulic Hose shop

4. What is Way Scraping?

Scraping is a hand process which produces a flat, close work surface. The main use of hand scraping is to improve the quality of the slides and ways and at the same time to correct the alignment of the machine.

5. How can you turn my manual machine into a CNC machine?

Eliminate current mechanical axis drive to be replaced with ball screws and properly sized servo motors. Most manual turn handles will be eliminated and replaced with a CNC console and MPG.

6. What are the advantages of replacing my transmission with a Servo motor?

There will no longer be the troubleshooting headaches of a complicated transmission. Repairing transmissions can be expensive due to the amount of troubleshooting, production downtime, and larger expensive gears.

7. What is your machine overhaul process?

a. Meet with customer to evaluate machine
b. Provide customer with a verbal or formal quote
c. Receive P.O. and down payment from customer
d. Receive machine or visit on site, and begin to process engineering
e. Order parts/supplies and materials
f. Begin mechanical work on machine
g. Assemble all machine components
h. Perform a start-up and test machine
i. Ship machine back to your facility
j. Start-up and perform final test